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 Gambling rules

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PostSubject: Gambling rules   Gambling rules I_icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2014 5:35 pm

Normal Dicing
A normal game of dicing is when a player bets on a host with either items, or gold. The host is able to set his limits on dicing.(mostly 55x2)
- If not specified by either host or player, 55 its self is a win for the HOST (edited by michael)

In a game of blackjack the aim is to roll the highest number possible without going over 100. Any value over 100 is considered an immediate loss to the party whom rolled it. If both parties roll the same number then it is considered a re-roll .
- If 100 is rolled, it is counted as a perfect score, not a re roll (unless specified otherwise). It may not mean instant win if the other player rolls a 100 too then its reroll like stated before.
-edited by michael
Dice Dueling
Dice duelling is a game that can only be undertaken if there are two dice present (please do not roll for others.) The idea is that the person with the higher score gets a point. If theres a tie you re roll and no point is gained. For instance, dice duel to 1 is first to get 1 point. Dice duel to 3 is first to get 3 points. -edited by michael

Please record gambling bets. If there is insufficient evidence and you are scammed no refund will be issued. -edited by michael

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Gambling rules
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