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 Moderator Application:)

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Inca Kola

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PostSubject: Moderator Application:)   Moderator Application:) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2014 7:36 pm

{In-game Name} - Inca Kola

{Real Name} - Roger

{Age} - 17
{Location} - USA, Florida

{Staff Position you are applying for} - Moderator
- - - - -
{What do you consider to be your greatest strength} - I respect every player and help every individual at my best of my ability. I will always come to your aid even when I'm busy in game. I myself know my way around this amazing server and upload Youtube videos to help the community grow. Lastly, I have the knowledge to provide most players their questions in game as well as donation offers with the benefits of being a donor.

{What do you consider to be your greatest weakness} - There is times where I will be away from the keyboard mainly when its late in my time zone, but that's because I'm waiting for new players to arrive and help them out.

{How active will you be} - On average I am on 5-11 hours daily.

{Do you have any past experience} - No, but I always tried to be that ideal player to become worthy enough for Moderator.

{Why should we pick you } - I'm an active, responsible, knowledgable, mature, and respectful player that can handle most situations and questions that are needed to be solved. I would never pretend I'm away from the keyboard to ignore your questions and situations cause I have seen that in the past servers that I have been through.

{What do you feel is the most important quality in a Staff member?} - Helping everyone at your best of your ability when they need the help. Showing great leadership, being a role model, which can lead to motivating other players to do the same. Also being able to control most of the situations and always help other staff members when they are being overwhelmed. Lastly, being a staff member is no joke you can't be worrying about yourself its about being the better person that help the server. Smile 
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Moderator Application:)
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