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 johnathon ingame moderator application

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PostSubject: johnathon ingame moderator application   johnathon ingame moderator application I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 01, 2014 3:07 am

- Real Name:- john sirens

- In-game Name?:- johnathon

- Do you have Skype?:- yes

- What would you rate your English out of 10?:- I have lived in Australia my whole life (nsw, and gosford bradys gully road

- Age:- 18

- Gender:- male

- Location/Timezone:- mountain time Salt Lake City UT

- Which Position are you Applying For:- player moderator

- Do you have any past experience in being staff member?:-
yes. i have been a moderator on a few smaller PRIVATE SERVERS on a 614 and a 317

- How many hours are you on daily?:- right now around 5-6

- As a staff-member would you devote hours of your free time to play nyx-rsps?
of course once i really get into something i tend to stick with it. I am pretty loyal to rsps's. and especially now that i donated MONEY to the SERVER (which i normally do don do on rsps's) i feeli would be fairly active

- What Days of the Week can you be on:-
monday-friday(1 hour - 3 hours) weekends (2-6hours or even 7 rarely)

- Why should we consider you for a position on our Staff Team?:-
i am a loyal respectful player who loves runescape PRIVATE SERVERS. i am trustworthy and honest. i love helping others in-game just like most people who apply for player mods.

- What makes you more deserving than the other applicants?
what makes me more deserving than the other applicants is i am very loyal, helpful, and especially respectful to the game and the other players. i am also on at a different time zone than most of the current staff which could help keep improving this rsps running efficiently and effectively

- Do you have any talents/skills that you could bring to the table that would help nyx-rsps in any way?
ideas and improvements (titles along with skulls, donator shop + some Custom items ) to the game and being active
- Other Information:-
loves rs and rsps's. loves soccer,basketball, and football. for the next few days or even weeks i am currently not in school because i broke my leg player soccer and had to have surgery so thats one reason why im really really active right now. but even when i get back to school i will stay active!

- Name a few situations, and how you'd handle them:
S1) a new player starts advertising a different server. A1) i would mute them aswell as let other staff know to keep their eyes out. S2) someone scams another player. A2) i would automatically jail them. i would do this because as a player of rs and rsps's for 4 years i hate hearing people get scammed and getting scammed myself. i feel there is no room for this in spawnscape 614 or any rsps and it should not be tolerated.

- What are you going to do if you come across a staff impersonator?:- i would ban them. we cant have people pretending to be staff thats how SERVERSdownfall.
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johnathon ingame moderator application
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