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 List of Updates!

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PostSubject: List of Updates!   Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:47 pm

11/04/2014 --
Removed the spawn + master command after first few days of beta. Gave the vets their vet status. Forums have not been put up.

17/04/2014 -- Forgot to post for a while;
- we've currently now fixed two main causes of roll backs;
- put in a roll back hook to prevent against this (doesn't currently work if in combat); fixed shop
- Fixed stackable items not requiring a price in shops
- Fixed four separate dupes that came off of  stackable items in shops, along with the one where you could dupe any item with 0 gp which none of us had heard of elsewhere..
- Added a ::players command which will tell you the coordinates of players. (note it will nearly definitely be made that you can only see players locations if they are not in wilderness at some stage.)
- Started creating a new home, moved shops to this location, changed home teleport to spawn you into the new home.

18/04/2014 --
-King black dragon teleport fixed.
-Brimhaven Dungeon teleport will now teleport you to correct place
-Added a ::forums command which will take players to our forums
-The game will now automatically connect you to "help" friends chat when you first log in. This prevents new players who cant yell being lost and unable to find anyone!
-A command given to Administrators which allows them to force a player back to the home spot, this will help in case of people getting stuck/no-clipped, along with if players are being disobedient about leaving a certain area (for instance if you teleport them to mod zone then they wont leave.
-COMPLETELY removed duel. This was quite a large job, but removing this terrible version of duel we've fixed over 4 dupes, three item nulls, made it so if you kill someone twice in a row in wilderness you will no longer be teleported to duel so you can now loot the items, less lagg by a massive chunk and a lot more with that.

-COMPLETELY removed dung since it was only half done. This has freed up a lot of processing power meaning massive lag reduction (not that we had any at first but for in the future when more players etc.)
-Re designation of home thanks to Nyx including adding rocks to the water, fountains,  removing npc's etc and generally adding a good feel factor.
-Our first moderate has been selected, congratulations to My1144. Hope this goes well (and now maybe we can get more time to code since he'll hopefully be helping people!)

-Re wrote the file layout for commands to reduce risk of unintentional overlap (for instance previously Gfx designer had full powers of player moderates due to badly written command overlaps without us realising!!)
-Began the process of creating bonfires to be used by plays after popular demand. So far it has come along nicely, you can add logs to each fire but we haven't began making you able to add multiple logs, or began making you get bonus xp for adding more than a certain number of logs at a time (for instance x1.02 if you add 10+ logs in one go.)
-Began writing a prestige system! This system fully works, yet not releasing yet due to the fact we're unsure what the players stand to gain from prestiges (cant decide if it should be titles, money, points etc.)

21/04/2014 --
-Killstreak system implimented with ever increasing pk point bonus's!
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List of Updates!
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