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 Beta game currently!

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PostSubject: Beta game currently!   Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:53 pm

A heads up to all of our players!

We are currently in Beta, meaning there will nearly CERTAINLY be an eco reset after I'm sure all important bugs/dupes been fixed!
Stats will nearly definitely be kept! So don't be discouraged

Want me to hurry up and make beta end? Test every dupe or important bug you can think of, and report any you find to me!

Positive things to note...

There WILL be rewards for players after beta! These prizes are not 100% decided, but will DEFINITELY be great!  Very Happy 

These prizes can be gained by...
1. Finding IMPORTANT bugs, for instance dupes, things that disconnect the entire server, exact cause of a roll-back bug, a PAFT.
Please ensure to check that this bug has not been reported on the bug list! And don't report bugs about the duel arena until its been fixed up, i realise its currently broken and will work on it very soon!

2. Inviting/ helping new players! This is an extremely important part of the beta, getting a community formed! My motto is community is everything, so anyone encouraging this will definitely be in my good books!
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Beta game currently!
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