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 Project-NYX rules

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PostSubject: Project-NYX rules   Project-NYX rules I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 11, 2014 3:00 pm

*Please Follow These Rules In Order To Make Our Community Good*

-No bug abuse of any shape or form - If a bug is found and NOT reported you may still be held accountable if this is found! DO NOT tell any players about this bug, post it on the forums or privately message an administrator in game or in another way. If you are told a bug by another individual and do not tell us about the individual telling you, and the bug its self within a reasonable time frame (report instantly in order to stay clear of this), or do anything other than check that it works; 'over-testing' (basically abusing) You will be in just as much trouble as the finder of the bug who didn't report it.
-No Advertising - without express permission from Michael or Sandy. This includes links to your streams, youtube channels (unless a promotional video for us or video of this server, in which case this must be posted only in player promotions), your player killing videos (same rule as youtube channels)
-No Disrespecting Others (we understand humerous jokes, but when the other player is feeling distressed or upset this is when a joke becomes disrespectful. Or if a member of staff takes offence, or if it seems antagonizing towards new players in our eyes.)
-No impersonating To Be Others/Staff - impersinating staff will be a serious offence.
-A maximum of two accounts online at a time
-No joking about ddossing, will be considered a threat no matter how light hearted.
-If you use a auto-typer , please set it at a speed of 7 seconds! Do not repetitively type out sentences faster than this even if not using an auto typer
-No Scamming.
-Breaching the peace - this will be held seriously because, as we all know, community is everything.
-No use of third party software other than autotypers (includes autoclickers)
-Making false reports, or attempts to falsify information in any shape or form
-No Melee safe spotting.
-Owners reserve the right to carry out action if it is perceived as being required.

( No Prejudice comments extended: This rule is applying to insults, and other statements that are maliciously trying to insult or hurt someone, not from a statement such as "this is gay" as that is modern slang for "this is lame" even though it can be taken insulting, people understand the difference of why this rule is here. This rule is for "Wow you homo fag gtfo" etc. or any form of antagonization. )

If you do not comply to these rules you may face a mute or even a ban to your account, or all accounts you own! This may be permanent, and if caught there may be NO warning! Appeals only to be made on forums.
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Project-NYX rules
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