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 Appication for Staff

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PostSubject: Appication for Staff   Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:27 pm

tongue bounce {In-game Name} - AnimeExpert

{Real Name} - Adam Yarbrough

{Age} - 18
{Location} -PA

{Staff Position you are applying for} - mod or head mod

{What do you consider to be your greatest strength} - art, gaming, knowledge on certain things

{What do you consider to be your greatest weakness} - talking to people for the first time face to face

{How active will you be} - everyday for about 6+hours

{Do you have any past experience} - yes,mod and admin on a server

{Why should we pick you } - 1.can help players
2. have youtube with 20+subs
3. can get at least one more person on
4. fast to get to the understanding and to the bottom of the problem
5. can code a little bit, 2 years strong

{What do you feel is the most important quality in a Staff member?} - fairness to all players 

bounce lol! 
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Appication for Staff
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