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 Mod application

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PostSubject: Mod application    Mod application  I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 1:52 am

{In-game Name} - Betty

{Real Name} - Jake Fonner

{Age} - 16
{Location} - West Virginia

{Staff Position you are applying for} - Mod
- - - - -
{What do you consider to be your greatest strength} - Defusing conflict between players.

{What do you consider to be your greatest weakness} - I have a bad habit of being extremely goofy while punishing people. For example, on an old server I was mod on, someone messaged me saying some guy was spamming at home because he was upset at the owner. So before muting him I challenged him to a spam battle.

{How active will you be} - a couple hours on week days. On weekends I could be on all day or not at all depending on what I have going on.

{Do you have any past experience} - I've played rsps since I was rather young so I've been staff/owner of quite a few servers. Including a shortly lived server me and my friend made called KibaScape.

{Why should we pick you } - I like having fun and making people laugh, plus I've done the stuff before. I don't mind making short videos bringing others to the server since I have a semi-popular youtube account.

{What do you feel is the most important quality in a Staff member?} - HONESTY!!!! Nothing makes me more mad than a staff member blaming a player for something that they actually did.
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Mod application
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